4 Signs That You Need a Piano Repair Service

What’s Wrong With My Piano

Do you have a piano at home? Keep an eye on its health. If you notice that it has been exposed to various pollutants, it is most likely to show signs of damage or malfunction. When it comes to repairs, there are times when they are required and times when they are not. Broken keys, squeaks, and a general deterioration of sound over time are the most common indications that it needs to be repaired. Here are more of the signs that you need a piano repair, please continue reading.

Broken keys

Broken keys are relatively common, however, when they are all broken, this can be a sign that the piano needs to be repaired. Broken keys will require professional repair and can cost around $100 to fix. If you do any repairs yourself, you risk breaking other keys, which can lead to more complicated repairs and more extensive damage.

Squeaks and Rattles

This one can be slightly more difficult to determine. However, simply put, if there is a squeaking sound yet the piano is not making any other sound, then this is most likely the piano producing more noise than usual. Noise can be caused by many things, the most common being a loose pin.

Out-of- tune

You may not be able to hear the piano out of tune, however, there are a few signs that it is out of tune. Out-of-tune pianos will make a scraping sound, if the piano keys are not hitting the piano ‘right now,” you will hear a scraping sound. This can often be confused with a squeaking sound due to contact.

Strange Sounds

If you are not sure if your piano needs repair or not, one sign you would be able to notice is strange sounds your piano makes. If you notice that your piano is making strange noises and even rattling when it is supposed to be silent, it might be time for you to have it repaired. This is already a sign that there is something wrong with your piano.

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