FAQs About Piano Tuning

What Is a Piano Tune-Up and Why Do You Need It?

A lot of piano owners either never understand the importance of regular piano maintenance. A well-known and easy process owners can do is piano tuning maintenance. What is it all about?

What is a piano tune-up?

  • Piano tunings are the process of checking and possibly repairing or maintaining the piano.
  • Piano tunings can be done by professionals and amateurs.
  • Most pianos come with built-in hammers that can be used to play out any issues without having to remove anything from the piano. However, there are some pianos where removing individual keys or parts of the piano will be necessary.
  • A tuner will check the mechanics of your piano for functional and aesthetic reasons.
  • Tuners also replace or adjust some hammers or keys because they do not play properly.
  • Tuners also have the option to replace keys when they are damaged.
  • A tuner will check all aspects of your piano from sound, key action, and aesthetics.

Why have your piano tuned?

  • Regular maintenance can help extend the life of your piano by keeping it in good condition. This can also help prevent damage from occurring.
  • Regular tunings are also important to make sure that your piano sounds its best. If your piano is not regularly maintained, it will start to sound dull and lose its melody.
  • If you regularly keep your piano in tune, then you will be able to notice any problems with it right away! If you do not use a piano tuner to keep your piano in perfect condition, then it may take you years before you realize that something is wrong with it. By then, it would be too late for any repair.
  • If any part of your piano needs repair, then this should be done by a professional. You can save yourself from expensive repairs by having problems fixed by the pros.

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