Hire Our Piano Repair Service Instead of Buying a New Piano!

Do you have a new grand piano that you want to keep but there’s something wrong with it? Since fixing grand pianos is a lot of work, you might want to just get a new one. But if you do so, you’d be spending more money because you’ll have to buy a new piano. But if you have our piano repair service to rely on, you won’t have to buy a new piano at all! Read on below to know what I’m talking about!

I’ll Fix the Piano for You!

I can fix the grand pianos that you have because I have the expertise and the tools for the job. What you can do is to reach me so that I can assess the damage. If there is damage to the keys or the piano itself, I can fix it. But if damage is beyond repair, I can also tell you the best way to dispose of the piano. After I fix the damage, I’ll play the piano for you to see if everything is in order. If you have our piano service to rely on, you don’t need to buy a new piano at all!

I am Ready to Fix Pianos!

I don’t just bring my tools and expect you to tell us which bit goes where. Other than that, I’ve come to your place ready with complete tools and skills to fix the damage to your piano. I won’t just start whatever task without explaining to you the process and giving you an idea of how long it will take for us to finish the task. I can guarantee you that I’ll be able to fix any damage, big or small!

Do you need a piano repair service for your damaged piano? Get in touch with Piano Tuning Pros - Whiteford today. I can fix the damaged pianos of my clients in Whiteford, MD. Give me a call now at (410) 415 9453!

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