How Experts Tune Your Piano

Tuning Instruments Used by a Piano Tuner

When someone plays the piano, most of us wonder on how they create such good music by just pressing multiple keys all at the same time. For a fact, pianos are made up of different sizes and textures of strings just like guitars. If any of these strings get snapped, replace it right away and have it tuned by a professional piano tuner. If you own a piano and would like to know how experts tune the instrument, stay on this webpage to know the tuning instruments they utilize.

Electronic Chromatic Tuner
Tuning a piano is easier and faster when using this tool. It provides the experts with the exact references of the notes in the middle octave. This tool works by picking up the nearest tone from the string and automatically displaying the exact match of the key. Just like the watch, it also comes in analog and digital variants.

Piano Rubber Mutes
It is the tuning tool that is unknown to some of us. An expert piano tuner uses rubber mutes to get the exact key of each piano strings. It helps them tune an off-key string by muting some of those tuned ones to prevent them from producing flats or sharps.

Tuning Lever
The most important tool all piano tuners must have with them is this. It consists of the head, extendable handle, and its interchangeable sockets of different sizes. It is designed to fit on each of the square and tapered piano pins. This tool cannot be used for string instruments with pins or pegs because they already have handles.

These are the tools commonly used when tuning an off-key piano. Piano Tuning Pros - Whiteford is the piano tuner that you can trust when it comes to quick and reliable tuning service in Whiteford, MD. To know more about the rates I offer for my service, give me a call at (410) 415 9453 today.

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