Problems That Require a Piano Repair Service

Is It the Right Time to Call a Piano Repair Specialist?

For years, you have been taking your piano for granted. While it is an essential part of your home’s interior and exterior design, you have failed to properly maintain it. This is a bad mistake, as it has already started to show signs of damage. If you notice these signs, take action immediately! Contact and trust a professional piano repair service. Here are issues that you might encounter:

Damaged keys

These are the most obvious problems with your piano because they are easily noticeable and they are not just unsightly; they can also be very inconvenient. Damaged keys can cause a lot of inconveniences because it makes playing difficult and uncomfortable. You won’t even be able to finish the song without pausing every few measures. If you notice a clanking sounds inside your piano when you press a key, it might be damaged. A damaged component unfortunately creates an unforgivably bad sound. When this does happen, a piano needs to be opened and the key thoroughly checked. If there’s a crack on the hammer, a replacement may be necessary.

Vibrating hammers

You might also hear or feel that there is something unusual about the hammers. They make a buzzing noise when you press them or when they rest on the keyboard surface. This problem occurs when the hammers have come loose from their hinges and are vibrating as if on their own. It may appear minor but it could damage the hammers if left unattended.

Dust on the hammers

Accumulating dust on hammers makes it hard to press the key. Dust also eventually turns to dirt. As such, it should be cleaned. Some rubbing alcohol might do the trick; for thorough cleaning, best let an expert do it since it is an intricate process.

Don’t let piano problems worsen and stop you from playing this wonderful instrument! Get in touch with Piano Tuning Pros - Whiteford now for quality and affordable piano repair services in Whiteford, MD. Call me at (410) 415 9453 now for an appointment.

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