Piano Services You Can Depend On!

Pianos are magnificent! They are, however among the most complex musical instruments and comprise many different parts which work in unison to create the beautiful sound we all know and love! Most people who are still new to pianos wouldn’t dare touch theirs if it breaks or gets out of tune in case they make the situation worse, and that is understandable. Piano Tuning Pros - Whiteford is here to accommodate you and leave you with a fully functional and tuned piano! Schedule with me in Whiteford, MD or anywhere else in the city!

Piano Repair Service

Since they have hundreds of different parts, pianos can break with seemingly no cause to it, and you need to have a great understanding of their inner workings to resolve the issue! I will open up the piano to see what is wrong, then proceed to provide you with swift and effective repair work!

Piano Tuning Service

With time more experienced pianists are beginning to tune their pianos themselves, but it is a complex task, so if you are a new musician or don’t know how to do it correctly, leaving it to the experts is the best thing you can do!

Piano Maintenance Service

Pianos require some maintenance work to keep them in top shape, and I am more than prepared to provide you with it! Leave it to me!

Piano Re-keying Service

I help my clients replace their broken piano keys! I only need to know the model and type of piano you have, then you can leave the rest to me!

Piano Technician Service

I have been working on and playing the piano for more than 42 years now, so it is safe to say that I know what I am doing! Many turn to me for all of their piano needs and none of them are disappointed!

I am mobile and scheduling with Piano Tuning Pros - Whiteford is a piece of cake, no matter the problem and piano type! Hire me throughout the whole area of the city and Whiteford, MD, and I promise to be there on time! You only need to call me at (410) 415 9453 to have any questions about my work answered or to set up an appointment, so don’t hesitate, call as soon as you need me!

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