All pianos need to be tuned every once in a while. To have a better-sounding piano, I suggest you consider me as a proficient and skilled piano tuner. My professional services are well-known in the Whiteford, MD vicinity. If you wish to find out more about Piano Tuning Pros - Whiteford, just see my FAQ list below:

  • What else do you do apart from piano tuning? I have a substantial amount of skills and qualifications, in piano tuning, repair, and restoration. You may benefit from my maintenance and rekeying services as well.
  • How often should my instrument be tuned? Specialists suggest you should do that at least once a year for brand new pianos and twice a year thereafter. Of course, there are factors that require this task needing be done more often, such as frequent use, high humidity, or if it was recently moved.
  • Can I do it myself? You can find many videos on the Net about DIY tuning tutorials. But I don’t recommend them because proper tuning takes approximately an hour and a half to do. An inexperienced person would do it all-day-long and can do more damage than good.
  • Why do they go out of tune? The main reason is the fluctuating humidity. As a general rule of thumb, you should consider me as a reliable piano technician before the major heating and cooling seasons begin. This is the time when you use your air conditioner and the keys and strings may go out of tune.
  • How many years of experience do you have? I have 46 years of expertise, so you don’t have to doubt my abilities.
  • What piano repairs do you perform? I have the right tools to address a weak tuning pin block, loose tuning pins, or to clean the under keys. I can also fix worn or replace torn strings.
  • What upkeep does my instrument need? All types of pianos need regular cleaning, but not just the body, inside the keys as well. Clean the keyboard every time you play on it. You can also use a special wax to apply to the wood exterior for great luster. Some older instruments might need piano restoration.
  • Are your services affordable? Yes, Piano Tuning Pros - Whiteford charges very fair rates for a piano repair service. With me, your satisfaction is guaranteed, and you can benefit from the wonderful specials and discounts I present.
  • But my musical instrument doesn’t hold its tuning long enough. What’s going on? A typical reason is that the pin block doesn’t hold its pins tightly enough. A standard pin block has pins that are a bit smaller than the holes drilled in it. After I conduct an inspection, I will be able to fix that issue and provide you with the ideal pitch.
  • When are you available for calls? I work with standard operating hours. You can call me at (410) 415 9453. For all local clients in Whiteford, MD, I offer quality and very affordable piano repair services. If you haven’t found your answers on this list, do not delay and call me now!
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